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Lemony Words

slipped a notch (3.47) grown less confident as he waited to see if Aunt Josephine realized he was really Count Olaf in disguise.

small potatoes (7.26) refers to the change in one's feelings for something when it is compared with something else.

smashing (6.44) fabulous.

smirked (1.95) smiled in an unfriendly, phony way.

soupís on (3.25) dinner is ready.

split hairs (4.157) argue over something thatís not at all important.

spurious (8.164) nothing at all like a real doctor.

standoffish (1.74) reluctant to associate with others.

stepped to it (8.15) took their positions around the telegram device.

stiletto (8.115) a womanís shoe with a very long and narrow heel.

strangulatory (2.133) having to do with strangling.

stylistic consistency (4.147) attribute of books that are similar from start to finish.

substantial interference (8.232) something getting in her way.

superlative (7.47) marvelous.

surreptitiously (3.34) while Aunt Josephine wasnít looking.

symbolic (5.136) the glowing circle felt like it stood for more than merely a track, and what it stood for was zero.

taken aback (6.47) surprised that someone who was so selfish had purchased gifts for them.

taken a page out of Neroís book (5.117) learned how to repeat things in a mocking way, in order to make fun of children.

tenebrous (2.133) dark.

territorial (5.33) unhappy to see small children in their living quarters.

testily (1.150) in an extremely annoyed tone.

the wind rose to a feverish pitch (3.124) it shook the house and sent all three orphans toppling to the floor.

throw off all pretense (7.168) take off part of his disguise for a moment.

toodle-oo (6.188) the in way of saying good-bye to three bratty orphans youíre never going to see again.

took the plunge (7.33) knocked firmly on the door with her tiny knuckles.

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