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Lemony Words

posthaste (1.67) you’ll do nothing to help us.

polygamists (1.130) people who marry more than one person.

precariously (3.168) in a way which almost threw Aunt Josephine and the Baudelaire youngsters to their doom.

preempt (2.70) I think this Stephano is going to steal my snake.

pursued them with a dogged determination (6.7) everywhere they went, thinking up treacherous schemes and wearing disguises to try to fool the three children.

quickly changed her tune (7.17) immediately said "Gounce!" instead.

racked her brain (4.159) tried to think of other times the command word must have been used.

raspberry scones (UA.121) delicious pastries.

red herring, a (6.241-42) a distracting and misleading clue.

retrace their steps (7.224) turn around and run the other way when they saw townspeople approaching.

retrieve (2.184) take away.

revulsion (1.50) an unpleasant mixture of horror and disgust.

rickety (1.2) unsteady; likely to collapse.

ridicule (2.7) tease.

ruefully (5.142) while pointing at a rude, violent, and filthy little girl.

ruffians (2.181) horrible people.

rust (8.200) a reddish-brown coating that forms on certain metals when they oxidize.

saw them off (7.20) put the Baudelaires on a bus, rather than doing the polite thing and taking them to their new home personally.

sayonara (5.151) Japanese goodbye.

schism (UA.123) a member suddenly behaving in a greedy and violent manner and thus dividing the organization into two arguing groups.

segue (2.36) let the conversation veer off.

severe lack of moral stamina (8.221) cruel selfishness combined with a love of violence.

shoes with stiletto heels (8.115) shoes made with a small slender knife where each heel should be.

shorthanded (6.201) unprepared.

simmered (1.44) cooked over low heat.

slave to fashion (8.115) dressed in incredibly expensive, and often absurd, outfits.

skittish (7.10) nervous.

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