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Lemony Words

nefarious (4.109) Baudelaire-hating.

nemesis (2.45) the worst enemy you could imagine.

nervous (6.1) worried about something.

never been her forte (6.151) something she couldnít do very well, except for making toast, and sometimes she couldnít even do that without burning it to a crisp.

newspaper (7.3) a collection of supposedly true stories written down by writers who either saw them happen or talked to people who did.

nodded resolutely (6.53) tried to make themselves stop feeling ungrateful and put on the suits.

No news is good news (8.21) if you donít hear from someone, everything is probably fine.

No way, José (3.159) No way.

nuptial (1.96) relating to marriage.

oblivious (2.79) not aware that Stephano was really Count Olaf and thus being in a great deal of danger.

ocular (4.61) related to the eye.

operating theater (8.190) a large, dark room in which doctors perform medical procedures.

optimist (4.26) a person who thinks hopeful and pleasant thoughts about nearly everything.

ostentatiously (4.93) really, really.

our only hope (6.150) if the only hope doesnít work, there is nothing left.

oxidize (8.200) a chemical reaction occurring when iron or steel comes into contact with moisture.

pandemonium (1.138) actors and stagehands running around attending to last-minute details.

parchment (6.213) some very old paper printed with a map of the city at the time when the Baudelaire orphans lived in it.

pathetic (4.23) depressing and containing no windows.

people who have similar experiences (5.52-53) having lost family members in terrible fires and lived in the Orphans Shack.

perished (1.8) killed.

personage (3.45) person.

phantasmagorical (3.152) all the creepy, scary words you can think of put together.

played his trump card (3.160) said something very convincing, which he had saved for the end of the argument.

poor teacher (5.58) a teacher who is obsessed with the metric system.

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