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Lemony Words

incentive (1.84) an offered reward to persuade you to do something you donít want to do.

incision (8.196) cut.

in conjunction (2.133) together.

incredulously (5.23) not being able to believe it.

incurring (1.127) bringing about.

ineffectual (4.151) unable to get Klaus unhypnotized.

inevitable (5.70) a lifetime of horror and woe.

infiltrated (UA.42) snuck in without our noticing.

infiltrated the group (8.135) sneaked into the middle of a singing crowd.

initial (7.142) first.

in loco parentis (1.65) Latin acting in the role of parent.

inner sanctum (2.131) filthy room in which evil plans are devised.

innuendo (UA.5) people who call up newspapers and tell them things that aren't necessarily true.

inordinate (4.98) excessive.

in our shoes (5.161) in our situation.

inquisitive (2.13) full of questions.

in pandemonium (7.111) filled with Elders and townspeople standing around arguing.

insipid (1.141) dull and foolish. (2.141) not worth reading to someone.

in their element (7.131) in the sort of home the three siblings would prefer.

intercom (8.50) refers to someone talking into a microphone someplace and having their voice come out of speakers someplace else.

intimidated (7.100) made skittish by three older women wearing crow-shaped hats.

It dawned on them (3.213) They figured something out.

Itís all uphill from here (6.16) things will get better in the future.

jumping to conclusions believing something is true even though you don't actually know whether it is or not.

keeping things in perspective (3.37) making yourself feel better by comparing the things that are happening to you right now against other things that have happened at a different time, or to different people.

lamentably deplorable (1.127) it was not at all enjoyable.

last word, the (4.190) the final opinion on the situation.

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