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Lemony Words

graphologists (3.86) men and women who are experts in the field of handwriting analysis.

greatest myths (6.161) big fat lies.

groaned inwardly (3.42) said nothing but felt disappointed at the prospect of another chilly dinner.

grotesque (4.97) twisted, tangled, stained, and gory.

gurney (8.183) a metal bed with wheels, used in hospitals to move patients around.

gusto (3.91) in a way which produced a great deal of phlegm.

gum up the works (4.170-171) something that stops the process of something else.

hackneyed (2.127) used by so, so many writers that by the time Lemony Snicket uses it, it is a tiresome cliché.

hadn't really given the matter a second thought (7.44) considered, even for a second, what it would look like when thousands of crows would fly together to a new location.

hairís breadth (4.168) a teeny-tiny measurement.

hanging askew (4.46) tilted to one side from leaning over logs the entire morning.

hash this out (2.83) talk about something at length until we completely understand it.

haunted (6.141) people who have seen and heard such horrible things that they feel as if ghosts are living inside them, haunting their brains and hearts with misery and despair.

having attained an inordinate amount of botanical volume (7.64) it was the biggest tree the Baudelaires had ever seen.

hee hee hee (5.30) the worst sound the Baudelaires had ever heard.

herpetology (2.13) the study of snakes.

hide or hair of them (6.127) even a glimpse of the cityís sixth most important financial advisor, or her husband.

horizon (7.22) the boundary where the sky ends and the world begins.

hubbub (6.219) a huge crowd of people in an enormous, fancy room.

hue (2.133) color.

idiosyncrasies (6.115) unique habits.

impenetrable (7.203) impossible to break into and rescue kidnapped triplets.

impertinent (3.56) pointing out that Iím wrong, which annoys me.

impressionable age (5.39) ten and eight years old, respectively.

in a quandary (7.122) everything seems confusing and dangerous and you don't know what in the world to do about it.

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