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Lemony Words

daunting (4.146) full of incredibly difficult words.

depressed (7.209) describes a secret button, hidden in a crow statue, that is feeling just fine, thank you.

deus ex machina (7.177) Latin literally: the god from the machine. The arrival of something helpful when you least expect it.

devotees (7.50) people who are devoted to something.

did not rise to the occasion (7.117) continued to sit in his folding chair with his eyes cast downward.

diligence (5.131) ability to take good notes in dark green and pitch-black notebooks.

diligent (4.17-18) hardworking.

disconcerting (6.178) a warning that the Baudelaire children did not heed in time.

disguise (UA.99) a change of clothing to hide one's identity.

distraught (3.196) upset.

dowager (3.6) widow.

dramatic irony (2.32) when a person makes a harmless remark, and someone who hears it knows something that makes the remark have a different, and unusually unpleasant, meaning.

dramatic theater (8.189) a large, dark room in which actors perform a play.

dumbfounded (8.151) wondering why in the world Klaus wanted to eat alphabet soup at a time like this.

dumbly (2.86) without speaking.

duration (1.141) the whole thing.

dwarfed by comparison (6.54) one thing seems small when compared to another thing.

earshot (2.138) close enough to hear him.

eavesdropping (3.61) listening in.

egad (4.188) Oh no! Hes escaping!

emphatically (8.133) as if she thought being extra careful was a very good plan.

enigmatic (UA.x) mysterious

entertaining (2.135) thinking.

ersatz (6.129) a situation in which one thing is pretending to be another; the most terrifying place the Baudelaires had ever seen.

faking (1.109) feigning.

fall by the wayside (5.139) flunk.

fallen by the wayside (1.34) they stopped calling, writing, and stopping by to see any of the Baudelaires, making them very lonely.

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