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Sunny's Words

Tafca! (3.124) We have to get out of here right now!

Tageb (6.92) Good morning.

Tanco! (4.10) And babies shouldnít even have gum, because they could choke on it!

Tarcour (5.159) Youíre right, of course. S.O.R.E. always lasts until dawn, and the tests are first thing in the morning.

Tenpa (4.69) Me too.

Tenti (6.207) If we had some dynamite, we could blast our way out of the hallway, but we canít use the tongs as dynamite.

Tercul! (6.256) And we donít want to forget about everything else, eitherólike the underground hallway that led to our ruined mansion, and the real meaning of V.F.D.!

Terfunt (5.12) Thank you.

Teruca? (4.25) Whatís a foreman?

Tesper! (7.246) Letís try to gather up as many pages of the notebooks as we can!

Therill (7.126) It won't be any more frightening than the time I climbed up an elevator shaft with my teeth.

Tholc? (6.191) Like teeth?

Tintet (3.178) Donít cry. You tried your best.

Tiofreck! (8.148) Violetís in grave dangerówe have to find her immediately.

Tisdu? (6.209) Where in the city can you find ashes outdoors?

Toi! (3.4) I have never eaten a peppermint because I suspect that I, like my siblings, am allergic to them. (3.5) I wish I could bite a peppermint, because I like to bite things with my four sharp teeth, but I donít want to risk an allergic reaction.

Tojoo (2.55) We wait.

Toomsk (6.174) This must be where the Quagmires will be hidden.

Towhee? (7.139) Is there a rule that clearly states that people must listen to speeches?

Treen (8.236) YesóI opened one earlier, to help decode the anagrams.

Tretchev! (6.117) Welcome home!

Trosslik (8.14) You mean if Mr. Poe gets us out of this mess.

Tuzmo (4.112) I donít believe so.

Twee! (3.24) Both of you are right. We shouldnít complain.

Tweem! (8.210) Weíre not murderers!

Twisp (8.96) But not until we get ahold of the file, solve all these mysteries, and prove our innocence.

Uckner (8.16) Meanwhile we discovered where the Quagmire triplets were being hidden, and helped them escape. The Quagmires managed to give us a few scraps of their notebooks so we could try to learn the real meaning of V.F.D.

Ulo? (4.138) Will you have Dr. Orwell arrested?

Us (8.78) And we need to know why thereís a picture of us in the file.

Ushilo! (5.150) That doesnít prove anything

Vapey (8.97) Then letís hurry.

Vass! (3.136) Letís discuss this at another time.

Vasta (6.191) Iíll just have to risk itóitís our only hope.

Vinfrey (6.98) Weíd better spend the day figuring out what Guntherís up to.

Vinung (6.167) Donít say it.

Vireo! (7.225) Letís runóor, in my case, crawlóas fast as we can!

Virm (8.132) But we donít know where she is.

Volasocks! (5.92) If you were really Olaf in disguise, then your running shoes would be covering your tattoo!

Vue (7.141) Yes, I remember.

Weleef! (4.180) But he was in disguise, as usual!

Wibeon (7.193) Itís more confusing than superlativeówe still donít know where the Quagmires are.

Wipi! (1.85) Iíd much prefer gardening to sitting around watching my siblings struggle through law books.

Wiro (4.95) Thatís true, but Iím still worried about Klaus.

Wock! (7.203) The fountain looks as solid as can be.

Wolick (8.63) Weíre very happy to be of assistance.

Wonic (5.36) And learning secretarial skills is an exciting opportunity for me, although I should really be in nursery school instead.

Wora (4.47) If someone had told me, that day at the beach, that before long Iíd find myself using my four teeth to scrape the bark off trees, I would have said they were psychoneurotically disturbed.

Wrech (6.171) Not to mention making those welding torches.

Wryb (7.72) That's true.

Wub (4.131) I hope so, too.

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