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Sunny's Words

Phromein (8.153) I think I understand, but itís difficult for someone as young as myself.

Pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexity (8.71, 8.152, 8.239) I must admit I donít have the faintest idea of what is going on.

Pilso! (5.194) My stapling hand is sore.

Pinse! (6.14) Or outer space!

Pipit! (7.118) Wait!

Plemo! (4.187) Who works for Count Olaf!

Poch! (3.64) You mean Julio.

Poda rish! (3.142) Put me down!

Pojik? (7.55) Do you mean we've come here for nothing?

Pomres (6.22) As it turned out, the stove was the least of Aunt Josephineís problems.

Popinsh! (4.119) Dr. Orwell hypnotized Klaus and caused that terrible accident, didnít she?

Pratjic (6.206) Gunther must have ended up somewhere if he took this passageway.

Prawottle (6.154) Older children arenít supposed to be near a hot oven either, especially without adult supervision.

Prem! (8.104) But we looked under Snicket, Jacques, and fire already.

Prollit (6.131) But not as terrifying as what Gunther will do to us, if we donít find out his plan.

Pyetian (6.207) Weíll never make it there in time to expose Gunther and save the Quagmires.

Quagmire (8.163) When the Quagmires used disguises, they didnít fool Olaf.

Quandary? (7.123) What in the world can we do about it?

Racah (7.32) It's almost like walking through a quiet, but polite, crowd of very short people.

Rallam (8.233) And Olafís associates are chasing us.

Rantaw! (5.201) I never wanted to work as a secretary, anyway!

Reauhop! (6.169) And good luck!

Recazier? (8.151) Klaus, why in the world do you want to eat alphabet soup at a time like this?

Resyca! (6.70) Or you could simply ask him to leave the penthouse, and never return!

Roopish! (4.123) Theyíre not accidents! Theyíre the results of hypnotism!

Sanks! (7.26) That's very considerate of you!

Sappho! (5.45) Iíd be very pleased to hear a poem of yours!

Schu! (3.23) Itís been a long time since anything in our lives has felt fair.

Scylla! (7.218) Itís either the self-sustaining hot air mobile home, or being burned at the stake!

Seeka yit (3.119) Underneath the bed.

Seerg (8.74) And I was afraid to ask him any more about it.

Selrep (6.150) Thatís the one with the bright blue oven.

Seltepia! (5.60) Good morning, this is Vice Principal Neroís office, how may I help you?

Shablo (5.182) How are we going to do that?

Shh (8.101) Be quiet! I think I hear someone walking into the anteroom of the Library of Records.

Shoart! (7.155) A dead man is not a thrill!

Silata (8.165) But there are so many people here.

Skel (4.152) But I wonder what that word could be.

Snoita! (7.14) I prefer to be tucked into bed by my siblings, not by strangers!

Soried (6.193) So far so good.

Sorusu (6.219) Behind those wooden planks lies the answer to the mystery of V.F.D., and why the secret hallway led us to the place where the Baudelaire mansion burned to the ground, killing our parents, and beginning the series of unfortunate events that haunt us wherever we go.

Sos! (8.11) Itís an emergency situation.

Spenset (6.186) Weíre alive.

stall (8.195) Weíll try to postpone the operation as long as we can, Klaus.

Stewak (5.76) He follows us everywhere.

Stiblo! (6.123) We can improve our vocabulary laterótell us whatís on your mind!

Stim! (3.156) Because we were worried about you!

Suski (4.79) I hope so, Phil.

Swoh! (3.32) Why in the world would you go swimming in a lake full of leeches?

Tadu (2.83) Itís a loathsome situation in which we find ourselves.

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