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Sunny's Words

Lililk! (7.223-24) Letís go! Donít look behind you! Letís just try to get to Hector and his self-sustaining hot air mobile home before the mob catches up with us and burns us at the stake!

Lindersto (8.132) Thatíll be tough. Weíll have to wander around the hospital looking for her, while other people will be wandering around the hospital, looking for us.

Lirt! (5.77) We can see if any of his assistants are around.

Loidya! (7.143) Iím absolutely sure that nobody approached the tree all night, and at dawn the note dropped down from the branches of the tree.

Lorigo! (6.105) What are we waiting for? Letís go!

Marimo! (5.7) I hope there are plenty of things to bite at school, because biting things is one of my favorite things to do!

Mazée! (4.107) We donít have time to hear all these stories, Klaus!

Meeka! (2.17) Good-bye, Mr. Poe. Thank you for driving us.

Menrov? (6.226) Should we try to tell Jerome about Gunther and Esmé and the Quagmire triplets?

Meotze (6.166) But the Squalor library has only those snooty books on whatís in and whatís out.

Merd! (5.213) Thatís what weíve been trying to tell you.

Merganser! (7.125) Tomorrow morning there will probably be another poem from Isadora in the same spot.

Minda! (2.55) Donít be ridiculous, Klaus!

Mineak (6.108) Gunther would never take a shower. Heís filthy.

Minga! (7.199-201) Three!

Minka! (3.58) Answer it, of course!

Mofee! (3.171) I certainly will.

Molub! (4.49) Weíre talking about the typed note that told us to go to work at the lumbermill!

Mulick! (8.27) Letís discuss that at a later time!

Mush! (7.167) The mortar is almost dissolvedójust a little bit longer!

Mushulm (8.138) I agree, although it wonít be pleasant to see all these sick people.

Neebdes? (7.59) Could you explain that a bit more?

Neihab! (3.185) Iím Sunny Baudelaire, and I will always be Sunny Baudelaire unless I decide for myself to legally change my name!

Netesh (6.79) Of course I would! Mountain lions are wild animals.

Nidop (5.163) Then letís get moving.

Niku! (3.41) It wasnít very nice to point out Klausís grammatical mistake when he was talking about something that upset him.

Nilikoh (5.188) And we havenít seen either of the Quagmire triplets, so I think we can safely assume that their part of the plan went well.

Ning! (7.137) Good morning.

Nnphnn! (6.56) Olaf.

Nojeemoo! (4.99) You appear to be back to normal.

Nolano? (6.94) Do you think the Squalors are working together with Gunther?

Noque, noque (6.165) There, there.

Novedri! (7.23) Living underground would be no fun at all!

Ober! (3.63) Although we still didnít save Uncle Monty.

Odo yow! (1.7) How do you do?

Ogufod! (7.65) What a lot of crows!

Oh! (1.21) What a terrible place! I donít want to live there at all!

Olaf (8.92) Before Mattathais gets his hands on us.

Ollawmove! (7.81) Olaf could move them at any time!

Olo (5.37) Even if itís ugly, damp, and filled with crabs.

Onosew (6.147) Yes maíam.

Ooladu! (5.112) I wish you would tell us what youíre really up to, Genghis.

Oot (5.85) Trust me, itís not that difficult.

Orlando! (8.76) Or the one who looks like neither a man nor a woman.

Peipix (8.166) Me neither.

Pelli! (4.68) But that doesnít explain the eye-shaped building, or the cover of the book!

Pereg (7.177) And if only the Quagmires were here, they could solve the other mysteryóthe meaning of the real V.F.D.

Pesh (8.145) At least, until somebody needs rubber bands, alphabet soup, white medical coats, or clean hands.

Phelon! (7.253) And of proving that weíre not murderers!

Philavem (6.107) Letís get started.

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