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Sunny's Words

Gibbo! (1.59) And I could have lots of things to bite.

Gice! (4.163) Donít hurt Charles!

Gidoost (8.133) But piles of construction materials donít wander around hospitals.

Gind! (3.89) Please donít make us live with this evil man.

Ging! (4.47) I would rather eat dirt!

Glaucus (6.190) But we canít do that.

Gluh? (3.112) Why are you wasting valuable time studying grammar?

Golos (8.254) Itíll have to do, until something better comes along.

Gonope? (6.251-52) Where are Duncan and Isadora? Where have you taken them?

Gounce! (7.18) Letís live there!

Grebe! (7.127) As usual!

Grespo (7.185) Quite a bit of the mortar has actually begun to wear away.

Grun! (3.17) I object to your calling it baby talk!

Guweel! (2.172) Not me.

Gwit (8.179) They didnít recognize us either.

Gwito (8.162) But Mattathias closed the Surgical Ward.

Gyba! (5.183) Youíre a genius! But what can I do to help?

Gykree! (8.25) Heís had all night to contact us, and we havenít heard from him.

Gyzan? (6.190) Pegs?

Ha! (4.105) Ha!

Haftu! (3.63) Maybe he wants to put the Lachrymose Leeches in our beds.

Hasserin (7.145) And without you, Klaus, we wouldnít know how to save Jacques.

Heece (4.151) Beats me. Iím only a baby.

Hech! (4.181) But you didnít keep your end of the deal, either!

Hend (8.59) Actually, I worked as an administrative assistant at Prufrock Preparatory School.

Henipul? (4.138) Will you undo Klausís hypnotism?

Igal! (3.188) And Iíll guard Aunt Josephine.

Ilimi (8.17) Iím scared.

Impro (8.31) Weíll think of something.

Irm! (3.29) I have also finished my supper.

Ivoser (5.36) I bet I can use my four sharp teeth to scrape this paint away and make the walls a bit less ugly.

Jidu! (7.204) Surely Isadora has given us a hint about how to rescue her!

José! (2.104) No way!

Kalc! (5.38) Donít worry about it. Iím a baby, so I hardly ever use silverware. It doesnít matter that itíll be taken away from me.

Kalm (8.98) I canít read very well, but I think this one says ďSequel to Serenity.Ē

Karg tem! (3.148) Iím going to move the tiller this way, in order to steer the boat according to Klausís recommendation.

Kaxret (6.179) You got it, Esmé.

Keeb! (5.26) I like fruit!

Kesalf (8.235) Thatís Olafís associate. It sounds like itís entering the Ward for People with Nasty Rashes. Weíd better hurry.

Kindal! (2.38) Or maybe heís excited about all these things.

Klofy (6.93) Of course. But how?

Knilliu! (6.96) Thatís very considerate of you.

Kosbal! (5.96) Here comes Carmelita Spats.

Koundix (6.98) But he canít be in the penthouse. Esmé saw him leave.

Krechin! (7.4) And if I used my four big teeth to bite something as sloppily, I wouldnít even leave one toothmark!

Kyun (7.54) And that's why we chose this town, in the hopes of finding the secret of V.F.D., rescuing the Quagmire triplets, and defeating Count Olaf once and for all.

Lakry (6.129) There are no ropes.

Leep! (3.78) Captain Sham threw Aunt Josephine out the window and then wrote this note to hide his crime.

Legru (3.192) All we can do is hope.

Leucophrys! (7.143) I think I can explain thatóthe crows are delivering the couplets.

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