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Sunny's Words

Contraire! (7.83) I can think of something else we can do--hold me up to the window latch!

Cra! (7.89) She probably means the beak of a V.F.D. crow.

Croif (4.194) It was lucky that I could defend us from Dr. Orwellís sword, if I do say so myself.

Culech! (8.252) Getting in the trunk is the same thing as getting captured!

Curoy (8.55) Besides, the Quagmire triplets are far, far away, and we have only a few pages of their notebooks. We need to find the real meaning of V.F.D.

Dala? (7.189) Did you tell the Council of Elders that we were with you the night Jacques was murdered, so we couldnít have committed the crime?

Damajat (8.143-44) Letís hide in that supply closet over there.

Danya (7.62) Or the bedroom at Count Olafís house.

Deashew! (8.87) And it takes me several hours to open one cabinet with my teeth!

Decap? (8.142) Do you think theyíre going to cut off Violetís head?

Delmo! (3.17) If you wish, I will bite the telephone to show you that itís harmless.

Deluny! (4.158) Youíre not just a bad foremanóyouíre an evil person!

Derix! (4.101-102) If we canít prevent him from going to Dr. Orwell, at least we can go with him!

Dielee? (6.189) What are we going to do?

Ditemu (6.197) What other way is there?

Dleen! (8.226) We canít continue down the staircaseólook!

Dolc! (4.71) And I could be a dentist!

Donax! (7.183) But that takes years and years, and if we donít escape, weíll be burned at the stake tomorrow afternoon.

Doog! (2.84) generic cry of frustration

Douth? (8.164) But how are we going to find the Surgical Ward, when the maps of this hospital are so confusing?

Dulch! (7.99) And we still haven't figures out what they really mean.

Duna! (3.99) Of course you do!

Dwestall (6.165) All the research in the world canít help Duncan and Isadora now.

Echinacea! (8.45) Or well-tested herbal remedies.

Ecrif! (6.99) Iím scared.

Egress (8.118) Klaus is rightóthe exit is the other way.

Elund! (4.67) It is certainly perplexing.

Eojip! (2.16) I would be thrilled to bite an enormous length of rope into small, workable pieces!

Enipy (6.158) But Iím sure we can manage.

Entro! (3.131) And we donít have enough time to walk around the lake, either.

Eroos (5.86) And I bit rocks.

Evomer (6.222) I canít stand it any longer. Letís tell everyone in this room what is really going on.

Ezan (8.253) Or find out if one of our parents really survived the fire.

Fiti! (4.117, 4.135) That nameplate doesnít prove anything, of course!

Freijip? (6.115, 6.124) How can you think of elevators at a time like this?

Frul! (3.8) So long!

Fut! (2.48) I do not!

Futa! (2.46) I agree!

Gack! (1.4) Look at that mysterious figure emerging from the fog!

Gaksoo! (7.33) There's no point in arguing, because we'll never know whether we're right or wrong until we knock on the door.

Galuka! (5.147) So yell at Coach Genghis, not at us!

Gans! (3.108) Good, because my hives are driving me crazy!

Gargaba! (5.116) Maybe the luminous paint is serving as some sort of glowing signal.

Gavu? (6.9-10) The Quagmires have been found and rescued?

Gefidio! (5.71) How do you do, Coach Genghis?

Geni (3.153) We didnít sail a stolen sailboat across Lake Lachrymose in the middle of Hurricane Herman just to stand nervously at the mouth of a cave.

Gerja! (2.40) Well, letís go find out what Stephano is like!

Geronimo! (6.197) I donít need to bite my way back down.

Ghand! (4.7) But Klaus reads many complicated books!

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