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Sunny's Words

Ackroid! (1.126) Roger!

Aeginu! (5.77) And the assistant that looks like neither a man nor a woman.

Afficu (8.55) And the only way weíll get into the Library of Records is if we talk to Babs, so itís a risk we have to take.

Afoop! (2.120) No.

Agery! (8.5) Well, we canít keep on walking forever.

Aget! (3.74) Please stop fighting!

Agoula? (6.149) What for?

Aguen? (6.145) Could you saw through the bars of the cage?

Aha! (2.150, 3.77) Aha!

Akrofil (6.23) And theyíre not afraid of heights, thatís for sure.

Albico! (7.131) And let's solve the mystery of V.F.D. that the Quagmires told us about!

Alias (8.147) Maybe sheís listed under a different name.

Archo! (2.39) And the stain never really came out.

Aregg? (5.23) What? I canít believe it.

Aronec (8.48) And weíre not getting any closer to learning anything about V.F.D., or Jacques Snicket.

Asklu (8.162) We never would have found her if you hadnít figured out that Olaf was using anagrams.

Ayjim (6.50) I love my suit. Thank you very much.

Azzator! (7.62) Don't worry--your secret is safe with us!

Ballywot! (4.124) Sheís Count Olaf in disguise!

Bangemp (6.134) If it werenít for the Quagmires, we would have been in his clutches a long time ago.

Bark! (7.84) If you're up there, Quagmires, just hang on, and we'll get you out first thing in the morning.

Batex! (4.52) But weíre not laying eyes on one another!

Bax! (2.5) Iím nervous about meeting a new relative.

Bero? (3.174) Are you crazy?

Bikayado? (6.63) What new evil plan have you cooked up to steal our fortune?

Bishuy (6.110) Or maybe he is in one of the other apartments, and we just didnít spot him.

Bite (6.258) I hope my teeth donít fail me, because weíre going to need more than good luck to discover what V.F.D. really stood for.

Blake! (7.71) And the poem is written in Isadora's distinct literary style!

Blized (6.102) Itís nothing.

Bluh (3.112) Please continue, Klaus.

Blusin (8.31) We donít have much choice.

Boiklio? (7.173) Do you think we could make some more welding torches, to melt the bars? You made some excellent ones when we lived with the Squalors.

Book! (1.39) Please donít forget to pick out a picture book for me. (1.80) Would somebody please wipe my face?

Bram! (4.34) and our last name is Baudelaire.

Brewol (4.151) And Iíll go back to sleep.

Brioche! (7.182) And bread!

Burb (7.254) Anywhere, as long as itís out of town.

Calten! (7.17) I wouldnít return there for all the tea in China!

Casca (4.10) Thatís not very reassuring.

Ceju (5.220) We have to find out.

Ceyune (8.141) Weíve been wandering around the hospital all morning, and weíre no closer to rescuing our sister.

Chift (7.180) You donít sound spoiled.

Chittol (6.53) Thatís true. We should stop complaining and go change into our new outfits.

Choin! (3.62) That seems a little drastic, even for Count Olaf.

Chonex (8.18) Then weíre all alone.

Chorn! (4.67) And his voice sounds nothing like Count Olafís.

Chuni! (3.85) Letís go to the kitchen and get it.

Cigam! (4.22) Look at this note!

Co (6.104) Or maybe Gunther managed to trick one of the other residents of 667 Dark Avenue into letting him into their apartment, and then he tied them up and is sitting there hiding in the kitchen.

Coik! (3.114) Thinking about all this is making me dizzy!

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