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Lemony Words - Places

Look! It Fits! (3.8) clothing store in the town of Lake Lachrymose.

Lousy Lane (2.1) leads out of the city, past Hazy Harbor and into the town of Tedia, and traverses the Grim River.

Lucky Smells Lumbermill (4.8) located in Paltryville and owned by Sir. Former place of employment for the Baudelaires.

Mount Fraught (6.26) known for having dangerous animals on it.

Mulctuary Money Management (1.62) bank where Mr. Poe works; located in the city’s banking district in a square and rather plain-looking building.

Nevermore Tree (7.40) evening roost for the crows of V.F.D.;

Ophelia (7.17) a village participating in the It Takes a Village to Raise a Child program.

Paltryville (4.4) near the Finite Forest. Made of wood and paper products. Home of the Lucky Smells Lumbermill.

Peru (2.15) a South American country Uncle Monty was planning to visit in order to study snakes.

Pincus Hospital (6.39) where Sunny Baudelaire was born in the city.

Prufrock Preparatory School (5.5) boarding school formerly attended by the Baudelaires; motto: Memento Mori; composed of grey, gravestone-like architecture;

Rancorous Rocks (3.149) located on Lake Lachrymose.

Rutabaga River (5.85) where the Baudelaire family once picnicked.

Snack Hut (7.100) building in which the V.F.D Council of Elders eats their daily hot fudge sundaes.

St. Carl’s Cathedral (6.254) location in the city where Count Olaf abandoned his truck after escaping with the Quagmires.

Swarthy Swamp (2.117) near the town of Tedia.

Tedia (2.1) a town along Lousy Lane.

Veblen Hall (6.45) winner of the prestigious Door Prize for the city’s best-constructed opening; where the In Auction was held; located two blocks from the former site of the Baudelaire Mansion.

Verne Invention Museum (6.38) one of Violet Baudelaire’s favorite places in the city.

Village of Fowl Devotees (7.18) former legal guardian of the Baudelaires in the It Takes a Village to Raise a Child program;

Wicked Whirlpool (3.149) located on Lack Lachrymose.

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