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Lemony Words - Places

The following locations appear in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Clicking on each place name will open a new window containing that term's meaning.
Key: (1.162) = Book the First, Page 162

Akhmatova Bookstore (6.39) shop in the city where Klaus Baudelaire’s father used to take him as a special treat.

Anxious Clown (3.8) terrible-looking restaurant in the town of Lake Lachrymose with neon lights, balloons and obnoxious waiters.

Briny Beach (1.2) where the Baudelaire’s first learn of their parents’ deaths.

Café Salmonella (6.47) salmon-themed restaurant in the Fish District of the city.

Carp Cove (3.122) located on Lake Lachrymose.

Cathedral of the Alleged Virgin (8.37) place of employment for an pipe organ player friend of Lemony Snicket.

Chartreuse Island (3.122) located on Lake Lachrymose.

Cloudy Cliffs (3.122) located on Lake Lachrymose.

Condiment Bay (3.122) located on Lake Lachrymose.

Curdled Cave (3.115) place along the coast of Lake Lachrymose where Aunt Josephine hid after faking her own death. Located directly across from Damocles Dock and just west of the Lavender Lighthouse.

Daily Punctilio, The (7.3) sloppily written newspaper.

Damocles Dock (3.1) landing point for the Fickle Ferry on Lake Lachrymose.

Dark Avenue (6.4) street in the city on which the Squalors’ apartment is located.

Doldrum Drive (1.18) somewhere between Mr. Poe’s home and Count Olaf’s home.

Fickle Ferry (3.1) crosses Lake Lachrymose, starting from Damocles Dock.

Fickle Fountain (1.18) an elaborately carved monument that occasionally spat out water in which young children played.

Finite Forest (4.3) gloomy and black; located near the town of Paltryville.

Fowl Fountain (7.55) civic monument in V.F.D.

Grim River (2.1) a body of water traversed by Lousy Lane that is nine-tenths mud and containing extremely unnerving fish.

Hazy Harbor (2.1) along Lousy Lane, between the city and the town of Tedia.

Heimlich Hospital (8.46) where the Baudelaires worked as Volunteers Fighting Disease.

In Boutique (6.47) shop in the city where fashionable items are sold.

Lake Lachrymose (3.1) large, deep and dark body of water that is full of leeches.

Last Chance General Store (8.3) near V.F.D.; run by Milt.

Lavender Lighthouse (3.123) located on Lake Lachrymose, near Curdled Cave.

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