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Lemony People

Funcoot, Al author of the play The Marvelous Marriage; see Count Olaf.

Genghis, Coach see Count Olaf.

Gina-Sue friend of Lemony Snicket; socialist;

Gunther see Count Olaf.

Gustav deceased; former assistant to Dr. Montgomery;

Hal librarian of the Heimlich Hospital Library of Records; canít see as well as he used to;

Hector tall skinny man; former handyman of V.F.D.;

Hook-Handed Man evil associate of Count Olaf;

Lachrymose, Ivan lake explorer;

Larry waiter at the Anxious Clown restaurant in the town of Lake Lachrymose.

Lesko, Mr. citizen of V.F.D.;

Lorenz, Dr. friend of Lemony Snicket;

Lou one chubby man who delivers The Daily Punctilio newspaper to the Last Chance General Store near V.F.D.

Lucafont, Dr. O see Hook-Handed Man.

Lucinda, Officer see Esmé Squalor.

Mapple, Jonah former seasickness patient at Heimlich Hospital;

Mattathias see Count Olaf.

Milt very short owner of the Last Chance General Store near V.F.D.

Montgomery, Dr. Montgomery deceased; distant cousin of the Baudelaires; short, chubby man with a round red face; herpetologist;

Morrow, Mrs. citizen of V.F.D.;

Nero, Vice Principal tall with a small, red nose and splotchy face; almost completely bald; administrator at Prufrock Preparatory School; poor violinist;

Olaf, Count an evil man; distant cousin of the Baudelaire orphans; actor; very tall and very thin; very shiny eyes; has one eyebrow & an eye tattoo on left ankle; demanding, short-tempered, and bad-smelling; former legal guardian of the Baudelaire orphans;

Orwell, Dr. Georgina deceased; tall with blond hair; author of Advanced Ocular Science; evil associate of Count Olaf; optometrist; hypnotist;

Phil employed at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill; an optimist;

Poe, Albert son of Arthur and Polly; brother of Edgar; loud & obnoxious;

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