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Lemony People

The following names appear in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Clicking on each name will open a new window containing that name's meaning.
Key: (1.162) = Book the First, Page 162

Anderson, Charley former patient of Heimlich Hospital;

Anwhistle Ike deceased; husband of Josephine; lover of grammar; could whistle with crackers in his mouth;

Anwhistle Josephine deceased; the Baudelairesí second cousinís sister-in-law; lived above Lack Lachrymose; thin, with white hair; lover of grammar; fearful;

Babs Head of Human Resources at Heimlich Hospital;

Bald Man with the Long Nose evil associate of Count Olaf;

Bass, Mrs. teacher at Prufrock Preparatory School; has long and messy black hair; a poor teacher; obsessed with the metric system;

Baudelaire, Klaus brother of Sunny & Violet; middle Baudelaire orphan; thirteen years old; wears glasses; voracious reader; allergic to peppermint;

Baudelaire, Sunny sister of Klaus & Violet; youngest Baudelaire orphan; infant; likes to bite things; allergic to peppermint; despises rattles;

Baudelaire, Violet sister of Klaus & Sunny; eldest Baudelaire orphan; right-handed; fourteen years old; inventive; likes to skip rocks; ties her hair up in a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes while thinking hard; allergic to peppermint;

Beatrice deceased; wronged Esmé Squalor;

Bela yacht-owning friend of Lemony Snicket;

Ben friend of Violet Baudelaire;

Bleediotie, Laura V. see Violet Baudelaire.

Bovary, Emma former food poisoning patient at Heimlich Hospital;

Bruce a chubby man; Director of Marketing for the Herpetological Society;

Charles very tall with very short hair; Sirís business partner at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill in Patryville;

Congreve William playwright; associate of Lemony Snicket;

Dalloway, Clarissa former depressed patient at Heimlich Hospital;

diLustro, Madame a good friend of Lemony Snicket; an excellent detective and a fine cook; easily upset by tardiness;

Dupin, Detective see Count Olaf.

Edison, Thomas Alva one of the greatest inventors of all time.

Elwyn, Uncle uncle of the Baudelaires; pig farmer;

Firstein, Foreman (4.25) formerly employed at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill;

Flacutono, Foreman (4.26) see Bald Man w/ the Long Nose.

Flo, Nurse see women with powered white faces.

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