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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography

VFD Building Meeting Transcript (UA.33-51)

  • (UA.33) This transcipt describes the April Building Commitee meeting, which was held just before neophyte exams and before moving.
    Such meetings begin with the banging of a gavel by M.
    People in attendence (eleven total):
  • J (Jacques Snicket, UA.44)
  • L (Lemony Snicket, UA.35, 44)
  • M (leader)
  • R (Vice Chancellor, UA.34)
  • R (nine years old, but not youngest member; UA.38)
  • M
  • L
  • K
  • D (Daniel Handler, UA.35)
  • S
  • J (secretary)

  • (UA.41) S made a report on Prufrock Prep which showed a correlation between lack of sleep and poor work in young people. (Olaf's use of this idea in The Austere Academy reinforces the idea that O found later in this transcript is Olaf.)
    This S may be Sally Sebald, but there's no specific evidence to back this up.

  • (UA.43) Since the time when J (who knew L before joining VFD, UA.44. Digression: As J does not state that he knew K before joining VFD, one assumes that the K at this meeting is not his sister.) joined the organization, they have had to flee from seven headquarters at the time of this meeting.

  • (UA.45) E and O (O prefers to be called T) are unwelcome at the Building Committee meeting. They hid behind the puppet theatre. These two are most likely Esme and Olaf, respectively.

  • (UA.47) The second half of the transcript is hidden between pages 302 and 303 of Ivan Lachrymose: Lake Explorer, hidden under someone's bed. This most likely refers to the bed of Josephine Anwhistle, which fell into Lake Lachrymose during Hurricane Herman in The Wide Window.

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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