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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography


  • (UA.8-21) This letter regarding "The Little Snicket Lad" was written while Lemony Snicket was engaged to Beatrice.

  • (UA.5-7) This note to file regarding Lemony's obituary and burial was written while waiting for the Prospero, "many years" after the letter UA.8-21.

  • (UA.25-30) This letter from the Duchess was written years after the masked ball at which Lemony was captured; the night after the Duchess' lecture at the Orion Observatory where Lemony got an usher to hand the Duchess a letter; after the Duchess' house has burned down; after Beatrice's death; before the beginning of the [arson?] trial.

  • (UA.27) The Duchess' house burned down in winter.

  • (UA.33-51) At the time of this transcript, VFD neophytes included:
    R, L, K, B, J, E, G.

  • (UA.38) By the time of this transcript, G was publishing her "Secret Organizations You Should Know About" column in the Daily Punctillio.

  • (UA.42) By the time of this transcript, anti-VFD spies had infiltrated the organization.

  • (UA.44) The time since J joined VFD at 1485 Columbia Rd. = almost immediately + 2 months + ? + 1 year + ? + ? = at least 1.5-2 years; most likely much longer.

  • (UA.57) This letter from Lemony Snicket to unknown VFD member(s) was written after the death of Dr. Montgomery in The Reptile Room

  • (UA.70) The note for photo 5 suggests that the theatrical release of "Zombies in the Snow" came within days of the construction of the snowman that was hiding a survivor of a fire.

  • (UA.75) The destruction of the Daily Punctillio archives occurred after the Baudelaire orphans' stay at Paltryville, as the archives were in evidence upon the children's arrival in Paltryville.
    (4.11) "Along the sidewalk, where a row of trees might have been, were towering stacks of old newspapers instead."

  • (UA.79) At the time of Lemony's review of "The World is Quiet Here," he and the lead actress were engaged.

  • (UA.80) At the time of Lemony's review of "One Last Warning...":
    One day later, Lemony was fired from the Daily Punctillio.
    Geraldine Julienne was a new reporter.
    Esme was single; two days later, the "Actress, Financial Advisor, and Unmarried Woman: How Does Esme Do It?" article appeared in the Daily Punctillio.
    Two days later, Geraldine Julienne began her "Secret Organizations You Should Know About" column.

  • (UA.84) This letter was written at a time when Lemony and Beatrice were engaged.

  • (UA.88) Jerome and Esme married after only one evening together, and Jerome purchased his penthouse apartment recently afterwards.

  • (UA.96) Just after Lemony's final theatre review in the Daily Punctillio, Jacques sent Lemony a VFD disguise kit.
    At this time, Lemony and Jacques were still only VFD apprentices; Jacques is under 60 feet of water.

  • (UA.113) The Prospero left early (UA.93) just after Lemony was fired from the Daily Punctillio, as follows from the letters from Jacques to Lemony in Chapter 6 of The Unauthorized Autobiography.

  • (UA.117) Jacques came to Paltryville right after Dr. Orwell's death at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill at the end of The Miserable Mill.

  • (UA.119-20) This letter from Geraldine Julienne to Esme was written just after Lemony was fired from the Daily Punctillio; before Esme and Jerome wed. Jerome had recently bought the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue. Jerome can usually be found at the Veritable French Diner betweem 7:30 and 8:30am.

  • (UA.122-24) This letter from Jacques to Jerome, regarding Jerome's engagement to Esme, was written after Dr. Orwell's death (The Miserable Mill); after (or at the time of) the Vineyard letter to Jerome (UA.87); not long after Olaf had broken away from the true VFD; at a time when Jacques was in the same village as Isadora Quagmire.

  • (UA.125) This letter from Jerome to Jacques was written directly after Jerome's marriage to Esme, but before the two adopted any children (The Ersatz Elevator).

  • (UA.130) This letter from Nero to the Spats' regarding Mrs. K was written after the Baudelaires attended Prufrock Prep.

  • (UA.134) The lunch meeting of Eleanora and Arthur Poe at the Anxious Clown took place not long after The Wide Window.

  • (UA.138-39) This letter, regarding Mr. Poe's new habit of ignoring telegrams, was written after his promotion to Vice President of Orphan Affairs (6.10).

  • (UA.144) This letter from Lemony to the Duchess regarding her masked ball was written after The Reptile Room.

  • (UA.145) This letter to Olaf from his associate, regarding Dr. Montgomery's reptile collection, was written after The Reptile Room.

  • (UA.177) "Many years after my [Lemony's] life took an unfortunate turn, three children took a trip to Briny Beach."

  • (UA.182) This letter from Mr. Helquist to Mr. Snicket was written after the destruction of the Baudelaire mansion, but before Mr. Helquist began illustrating A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  • (UA.184) The Daily Punctillio article regarding the burning of Valorous Farms Dairy was written after the destruction of the Baudelaire mansion; after the Helquist letter UA.182-83.

  • (UA.189) This IAQ was written after the schism.

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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