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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography

Sugar Bowl

  • Note that many sugar bowls resemble urns, where burnt corpses are kept.

  • (UA.41) "The sugar bowl secret could slip their minds entirely. This could lead to grave misunderstandings during coded communication"

  • (UA.84) The letter from the Vineyard to Lemony regarding his wedding states: "Here at the Vineyard we want to please our customers, so the sugar bowls will all be in place, we promise you. We'll count them if necessary."

  • (UA.87) The letter from the Vineyard to Jerome regarding his wedding states: "We regret that we are unable to provide sugar bowls, as you fiancee Esme requested in a separate letter. Here at the Vineyard we want to please our customers, but some things are simply impossible."

  • (UA.101-03) VFD Disguise Training; Phase Two: Various Finery Disguises includes "Optional Materials: Sugar Bowl"

  • (UA.106-07) Note that the possible disguises list does not include any disguises requiring a sugar bowl.

  • (UA.121) Veritiable French Diner menu includes breakfast and lunch specials with both come with a sugar bowl.

  • (UA.index) sugar bowl: see hiding places.

  • (UA.index) "I Lost Something at the Movies": see also sugar bowl.

  • (8.90-91) Lemony states the following regarding something he did many years ago: "Was it absolutely necessary to steal that sugar bowl from Esme Squalor?"

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