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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography

Dr. Gustav Sebald

  • (UA.66) Dr. Sebald is deceased.


  • (UA.36, 66) "Werewolves in the Rain"
  • (UA.57, 66; 2.79-81) "Zombies in the Snow" includes the following coded message intended for Dr. Montgomery: "Attention hidden in the snowman is a survivor of the fire, meet us in the town where this film takes place, bring the three children. Your new assistant is not one of us! Beware!"
    (8.109) "...experts now suspect that there may in fact be one survivor of the fire, but the survivor's whereabouts are unknown."
  • (UA.66) "Ghosts in the Desert" "Goblins in the Garden" "Mummies in the Jungle" "Bigfoot in the Mall" "Ants in the Fruit Salad" "Vampires in the Retirement Community"
    "Lions in the Mountains" (a reference to The Carnivorous Carnival?)
    "Surgeons in the Theatre" (a reference to The Hostile Hospital?)
    "Gorillas in the Fog" (a "Gorillas in the Mist" knock-off?)
    "Bats in the Train Station" (a reference to WG Sebald's "Austerlitz"?)
    "Hypnotists in the Office" (a reference to The Miserable Mill?)
    "Alligators in the Sewer" (surely set in South Carolina)
    "Realtors in the Cave" (a refernce to The Wide Window?)
    "The Littlest Elf" (8.61) "probably the most boring book ever written. It's about this irritating little man who has all sorts of tedious adventures."
    "Leeches in the Lake" (a reference to The Wide Window?)

  • (UA.56) Was once over 19 hours late in meeting Lemony Snicket. This occurred after the theatrical release of "Zombies in the Snow."

  • (UA.56-7, 61-5, 67) Sebald Code
    The beginning of a coded message is signified with the ringing of a bell, or description of such. The first word after the bell ringing is the first word of the coded message. The following ten (10) words can be ignored. The eleventh word is the next word in the coded message. The message continues with the skipping of ten (10) words in between each word of the coded message. The coded passage ends with a second bell ringing. For examples, see UA. 56-7, 61-5.

  • (UA.174) from "The Littlest Elf": "'How I love the sound of bells!' the littlest Elf said to his new friends in the forest. 'They're so ringy.'
    "'Of course they're ringy,' replied the snake in a bored tone. 'They're bells.'"

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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