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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography


  • (UA.xv) At VFD meeting, the speaker addresses "any duchesses who might happen to be here in disguise." Does this refer to Winnipeg?

  • (UA.30) "at the Veblen Hall, where I [Lemony Snicket] am waiting to interview some of the caterers about who exactly was driving the car that terrible day." Which terrible day? The day of the In Auction on which the Quagmire triplets were sold in a red herring? On that day, they were driven away in a truck, not a car.


  • (UA.66) Why is Sally Sebald's logo an old fashioned still camera? Is Sally a still photographer?

  • Is there a third Sebald sibling?

  • (UA.67) Note for photo 1 suggests that the actor portraying Young Rolf is Olaf (7.3: The Daily Punctillo mistakenly calls Olaf "Omar"), yet by that time Count Olaf would have been far older than the pictured actor.

  • (UA.70) Re: Photo 6. It is unlikely that the pictured children are the Quagmire triplets (Isadora, Duncan, & Quigley), as they do not match the physical description of said triplets in The Austere Academy: (5.43-44) very dark hair, very wide eyes. Therefore, who are these siblings? Are these the children taken by Ms. K from Prufrock Prep (UA.130)? Also, how are these siblings associated with Zombies in the Snow?


  • (UA.71) Note for photo 7 indicates that the pictured person is Gustav Sebald. Is Dr. Sebald very short? If this is a photo of Sebald at a young age, how do we reconcile such a young doctor?

  • Did you mean Lemony Snicker ?

  • (UA.75) Why were the papers in Chapter 5 blowing around the Financial District of the city, where Mr. Poe works? In the index, the Fountain of Victorious Finance is described as a hiding place. Is this where Mr. Snicket's papers were hidden? If so, how did they get out of the fountain?

  • (UA.130) Why does Mrs. Bass always seem to be taking a day off to take care of some business she has at the bank?
    I was re-reading book 5, and apparently Mrs. Bass is a bank robber, that's all. I thought she might have something to do with Mr. Poe, but I guess not.

  • (UA.132) Why did Count Olaf want the telephone poles along Rarely Ridden Road chopped down? Between whom was he trying to cut off communication?

  • (UA.136-7) Why was Eleanora and Arthur Poe's lunch at the Anxious Clown being tape recorded by an unknown man?

  • (UA.138) Who, pretending to be Eleanora Poe, wrote to Arthur Poe with an article from The Daily Punctillio about the dangers of banks receiving telegrams? Was this person an associate of Olaf, or just Geraldine Julienne?

  • (UA.139) Who is the "You-Know-Who" to whom Mr. Poe refers, whom Eleanora may have heard from? [It reminds me a bit of Voldemort.]

  • (UA.144) In the letter from Lemony to the Duchess of Winnipeg, the Sebald Coded message reads: "Attending your Masked Ball is dangerous. but I'll be there. Lemony" In the same letter, Lemony mentions that his enemies are searching for the survivors of Dr. Montgomery's reptile collection. This would mean that the letter was written after The Reptile Room. Therefore, which masked ball is discussed? Chronology is wrong for the masked ball described on 5.167-68.

  • (UA.144-156) Why are Olaf's associates searching for Dr. Montgomery's reptiles? How much coded language do they speak?

  • (UA.152) 2: Who was drowning whom behind Dr. Montgomery's house? Note that as Gustav, Dr. Montgomery's assistant, was drowned in the Swarthy Swamp (2.177), this cannot be the answer.

  • (UA.176) Why does Babs of Heimlich Hospital sign her note to Hal with "With all due respect"? Are Babs and Hal VFD members?

  • (UA.179) Why do so many things end in fire? Note that UA ends in fire (see page 211).

  • Wouldn't you rather read about ponies?

  • (UA.183) In letter from Brett Helquist to Lemony Snicket: "I never believed the stories I read about you, Mr. Snicket, in relation to the Quagmire case or any other." Which Quagmire case? Does Mr. Helquist refer to the deaths of Quigley and his parents?

  • If there's nothing out there, what was that noise?

  • (UA.184) How could the Dairy have burned down during a heavy thunderstorm?

  • (UA.185) Photo of Dairy taken after an evening's thunderstorm. Yet the building doesn't appear to have been burnt down? Was this thunderstorm different from that mentioned on page 184?

  • (UA.195) What is the second question on this page?

  • (UA.199) Is the bus in the top photo from Prufrock Prep? Why is the school's name scratched out?

  • (UA.200) Who is circled in the top photo?

  • (UA.205) Who are the people in the top photo?

  • (UA.208) Whose car is behaving strangely in the bottom photo?

  • (UA.204-207) Re: Snicket photos captioned "could not possibly have been at the same time". Is this a way of acknowledging the chronological inconsistencies within UA? What other reason would Lemony have for thusly captioning photos of himself?

  • (UA.index) Re: Opportune Odors Horseradish Factory. Why are the odors opportune? Who finds these odors opportune? Of what are they covering up the smell?
    Tocuna noticed the following: opportune=fortunate=LUCKY, odors=SMELLS. Is this just a foreshadowing to the lumbermill in book 4, or does Sir own the Horseradish Factory, or what? Always new questions... >: /

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