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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography

The Prospero

  • (UA.95) The face of Sailor Snicket in the photo is obscured. Is this an indication that he is Lemony?
    The sailors pictured are:
  • Gantos (Jack?)*
  • Eager (Edward?)*
  • Kerr (Katharine?)*
  • Whelan (Gloria?)*
  • Cleary (Beverly?)*
  • Snyder (Gary?)*
  • Sones (Sonya?)*
  • Seibold (J. Otto?)*
  • Walsh (Vivian?)*
  • Selznick (Brian?)*
  • Creech (Sharon?)*
  • Danziger (Paula?)*
  • Konigsberg (Ira?)*
  • Lowry (Lois?)*
  • Scieszka (Jon?)*
  • Griffin (Peni R?)*
  • Snicket (Lemony?)*
  • Dahl (Roald?)*
  • Woodson (Jacqueline?)*
  • Bellairs (John?)*
  • Kalman (Maira?)*
  • Peck (Richard?)*

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  • (UA.96-98) In a letter packaged with a disguise kit, Jacques tells Lemony to get instructions for leaving the country at The Anxious Clown.
    (UA.109) Letter from J picked up from at The Anxious Clown. "When you present the second ticket, you should be disguised as a sailor."
    (UA.110) Post script indicates that the letter is addressed to Lemony Snicket.
    (3.43) Count Olaf's Captain Sham disguise includes a blue sailor hat, black eye patch and peg leg.

  • (UA.112) Prospero boarding pass reads:
    "Our latch string is hanging out / For true friends, old and new / You're welcome here, so come inside, / We've saved a place for you."
    The same poem is found on a sign in the post card on UA.155. This same post card carries a Shakespeare stamp on the reverse (UA.156), indicating that the card to Mr. Snicket is from someone affiliated with the Prospero.

  • (UA.153) An associate of Olaf, disguised as a cow "Approached a married couple who apparently own the Prospero to ask if any reptiles had recently boarded the ship. Couple, alarmed by talking cow, refused to participate."

  • (UA.156) "One of O's henchmen, disguised as a cow, approached us asking about Dr. Montgomery's reptiles. Don't worry -- we did not mention anything concerning our assistance with the Incredibly Deadly Viper -- but we hear that the henchman could use his disguise to cause trouble at Valorous Farms Dairy."

  • (UA.112) "Every Ship Has Its Own Fun!" from Prospero boarding pass
  • (UA.113) "Every Ship Has Its Own Schedule." from VFD Prospero boarding pass
  • (3.50) "Captain Sham's Sailboats. Every boat has it's own sail." from grammatically incorrect phoney business card of Count Olaf

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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