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Olaf & Associates

  • (UA.67) The actor who played Young Roelf, possibly named Omar, seems to be a reference to Olaf, as Olaf is mistakenly called Omar in the Daily Punctillio (7.3). yet the pictured actor is far younger than Olaf would have been at the time of filming, which took place just before or at the beginning of the events in The Reptile Room.

  • (UA.78) Al Funcoot (anagram for 'Count Olaf')
    "The Most Handsome Man in the World"
    "Why, I Believe I've Become Even More Handsome!", described by Lemony Snicket as "just another excuse for the play's one-eyebrowed star to show off," suggesting that the star is Olaf as well.
    "One Last Warning to Those Who Try to Stand in My Way", described by Lemony Snicket as "a dastardly plot" (UA.79). Title written in charcoal, which is a VFD supply. The opening number is "A Very Handsome Man." The two Defenders of Liberty actresses have ghastly white faces (most likely Olaf's associates, the 'Women with White Powdered Faces.').

  • (UA.79) If this photo feature Olaf's associates?
    Esme took the lead role in the production.
    The final number is "Place All Your Valuables on the Stage or Something Dreaful Might Happen to You."

  • (UA.80) Daily Punctillio article "Actress, Financial Advisor, and Unmarried Woman: How Does Esme Do It?"
    Printed prior to Esme marriage to Jerome Squalor. Was this written by Geraldine Julienne?

  • (UA.45) Olaf if most likely 'O,' who hangs out with 'E' (Esme). For more, see transcript.

  • (UA.94) The man on the Black Rapids Deck of the Prospero is quoted as saying "Phase Two" and "Drat!" This man is wearing a hat, which is part of Phase Two of VFD disguises (UA.99-107).
    The passenger who missed the boat and said "I do not intend to swim," wished only to be identified as 'E' was most likely Esme.

  • (UA.96) 'O' and 'Funcoot' are referred to in a letter from Jacques to Lemony: "O is more dastardly than we ever could have imagined".

  • (UA.118) Detective Jones states: "Another case solved without any help from volunteers! The only bad thing about this case, besides the death involved, is that I accidently spilled coffee on my jacket."
    Jones is most likely an associate of Olaf.

  • (UA.119) Esme corresponds with Geraldine Julienne, and used Geraldine to get information on Jerome Squalor. This letter mentions Esme as an actress in plays by Al Funcoot.

  • (UA.125) Of Jacques, Esme has said that she can't wait to meet him so she can finally give Jacques what he deserves.

  • (UA.145) I think it's safe to assume that the letter addressed "Dear Genius" is a missive to Olaf from one of his associates. Note that the confused descriptions closely parallel the prose of the Harper Collins Doorman (UA.xi-xii). The associate writing this letter is searching for the reptiles formerly owned by Dr. Montgomery.

  • (UA.153) Why did Olaf's associate sign their note "With all due respect"? Is this another sign of VFD?

  • (UA.165) Lena Pukalie author of "I Lost Something at the Movies" for Voracious Film Discussions Press in which "Zombies in the Snow" is reviewed on pages 302-303.

  • (UA.169) "It happens to be a wedding I'd give a lot to be able to get to and when the invitation first arrived, I thought it might just be possible for me to make the trip..."
    from "For Esme, with Love and Squalor" by JD Sallinger.
    Is this a reference to Esme's marriage to Jerome? If so, does the original publication date of 1954 give solid info on when the "Events" of the Series took place?

  • (UA.175) Snicket lists amongst Olaf's associates:
    Ivan Lachrymose, Lina Pukalie, and "a man's life" (Green Mansions).

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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