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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography


  • Note that unlike A Series of Unfortunate Events, the title of UA is not alliterative.

  • (UA.68) At the time of the Zombies in the Snow production, Dr. Sebald was experiencing budget problems.

  • (UA.105) Photo C: Note truck in the background.

  • (UA.199) Bottom Photo: Note truck in the foreground.

  • (UA.200) Top Photo: Note truck in the foreground.

  • (UA.202) Note truck in the foreground.

  • (UA.204) Bottom Photo: Note truck in the foreground.

  • (6.251) Olaf & Esme flee the In Auction in "a big black pickup truck."

  • (UA.109) . . . at the Anxious Clown . . . I hope you didn't order the Surprising Chicken Salad.

  • (UA.86) Beatrice & Lemony: Love Conquers Nearly Everything
  • (UA.104) The quoting of an aphorism, such as . . . "Love conquers all," rarely indicates that something helpful is about to happen. (from VFD Disguise Training, Phase Two)

  • (UA.168) The old count sends his son to study in the Hinterlands to learn the cricket language. Note Hinterlands on map, page 151.

  • (UA.169) I think that it's reasonable to assume that the piece of "Little House in the Big Woods" found tangled in the branches of Nevermore Tree in the Village of Fowl Devotees was one of the clues amassed by the Quagmire triplets. If so, Lemony must have found it during or after the Quagmires' stay in VFD.

  • (UA.201) Top Photo: a Lucky Smells Lumbermill Employee?
    Bottom Photo: I assume that he is referring to the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue, which, if this caption is correct, was never truly a penthouse.

  • (UA.index) Re: Fountain of Victorious Finance. Noted as a hiding place.
    overboard = see also Quagmire, Quigley. Yet on 5.51, Isadora says that Quigley "died in the fire that killed our parents." 'Overboard' doesn't jive with Isadora's statement.
    zymurgy: of or relating to beer.
    zygosity: the makeup or characteristics of a particular zygote
    zygolog: I just couldn't find anything on this. Some site mentioned it being an 'underworld demon.' Who knows?
    zopissa: There is another black Pitch, which the Ancients call Zopissa, and is properly what the Mariners call Pitch and Tar, and which serves them to pitch their Vessels with. This Zopissa is a Composition of black Pitch, Rosin, Suet and Tar melted together; and this is what is sold for true Ship Pitch, and us'd as such by the Apothecaries in their Compositions where this is required. (from Book of Herbs)

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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