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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography


  • (UA.96) Jacques wrote this letter while under 60 feet of water.

  • (UA.117) Is Jacques the pictured volunteer?

  • (UA.123) "I [Jacques], acting as a volunteer, arrived at the lumbermill before any detectives did, and I saw at once that the death was no accident."
    It is assumed that the lumbermill refered to above is Lucky Smells, and the accident involves the death of Dr. Orwell as dedcribed in The Miserable Mill.

  • (UA.122) This missive refers to the Vineyard of Fragrant Drapes, not Grapes. Jacques begged his friend Jerome Squalor to buy the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue and never, ever sell it. Jacques thinks that people should never get tattoos. Jacques originally told Jerome that Jacques was a detective.
    "I [Jacques] am a member of an organization that requires its members to pretend to be various occupations, including detective [(Jacques)], ship captain [(Jacques)], dramatic critic [(Lemony)], duchess [(of Winnipeg)], waiter [(at the Anxious Clown)], and many others."

  • (UA.123-24) Jacques was hiding in the same village that Isadora Quagmire was in, as he found one of her couplets there. Is this the Village of Fowl Devotees?

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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