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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography

Duchess of Winnipeg Letter #1 (UA.25-30)

  • (UA.25) "Vivez l'esprit" is French for "Embrace the spirit."
    "Loyal members" implies that not all members of VFD have been so loyal. "...not so many of us [loyal members] left..."
    This leads one to believe that during the schism, the Duchess did not join Olaf's VFD.

  • (UA.26) The Duchess' "masked ball was the last public event the [VFD] members . . . dared to attend together."
    Baron van de Wetering was at this masked ball, dressed as an oak tree. (A reference to the Snicket family tree illustration? UA.196-97)
    Lemony Snicket stayed in the guest room right next door to Beatrice's guest room.

  • (UA.27) The Duchess is known to disguise herself as Lemony in disguise.
    She kept napkins with the crest of Winnipeg embroidered on one side and the underground map of the city embroidered on the other.

  • (UA.30) Someone may be impersonating the Duchess.

  • (UA.index) Page 29 is a red herring.

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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