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Lemony Snicket:
The Unauthorized Autobiography


  • Carrie E Abelabudite (8.158) is an anagram for Beatrice Baudelaire.

  • (UA.79) Lemony was engaged to the lead actress in Ned H. Rirger Theater's short-running production of "The World is Quiet Here." The note on page 73 suggests that the pictured actress was this same lead actress.
       Further, the lead actress' role in "The World is Quiet Here" required a woman who could whistle Mozart's 14th Symphony.
    (UA.index) Mozart's 14th Symphony is equated with the library story on page 146. This, then, is the tune to whistle, hum, or sing as part of the librarian code.
    Mrs. Baudelaire could whistle with crackers in her mouth. Her specialty was Mozart's 14th Symphony. (3.27)

  • (UA.97) "We are all in terrible danger and thus must not communicate for a very long time . . . You [Lemony] must not communicate with B at all, not even by telegram or carrier pigeon. I [Jacques] will try to communicate with B myself so that she does not believe all of the terrible things printed in The Daily Punctillio, but you [Lemony] must not risk her [B's] life along with your own."

  • (UA.104-05) In the first photograph (A), the volunteer (B) is using her actual face and regular clothing, both of which could be recognized by her enemies. In the second photograph (C), the same volunteer (still B, but calling herself D), has dramatically altered herself using the VFD disguise kit..."
        It has been suggested that B disguised herself as the truck. This is a very bizarre theory that I choose to callously disregard. Yet if B is standing behind this man, she must be very far behind him, as both she and her shadow are not visible. Studying the shadow of the truck, one notices that it is not cast by the same light source casting the man's longer shadow.


    Is the person in the above photo the same as the person in the photo below?


  • (UA.170) "Hear the mellow wedding bells--/Golden bells!/What a world of happiness their harmony foretells!"
    from "The Coded Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe"

    The Unauthorized Autobiography

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