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October 20, 2004 Do you have a copy of The Grim Grotto yet? You better. It's good. And don't forget: the movie will be released in US theatres this December. Woo!
A movie for grown-ups, called Rick, that was written by Mr Snicket's associate, Daniel Handler, is out now. You can find lots of information about it here. And here are some reviews. If you liked the opera Rigoletto, you'll probably like Rick.

June 3, 2004 There's a little movie news.

April 5, 2004 Yesterday, Neil Gaiman posted a letter from Mr Handler on his blog that you may be interested in. Also, see film news to view the trailer online.

March 31, 2004 More film news.

February 13, 2004 Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Check 'articles' for an on set photo of a poster for "The Marvelous Marriage." Also, Mr Snicket will be at the San Francisco Writer's Conference this weekend.

February 12, 2004 Just a couple of new articles on the movie. Have a fun holiday weekend! Also, I highly recommend Arrested Development.

February 6, 2004 There are three new articles up; two about the movie, one about a public appearance by Mr Snicket.

January 27, 2004 There's a new article up, in which Mr Handler is quoted on Neil Gaiman's Coraline. There's another wall calendar (for 2005) scheduled for release in June or July. I forget. You can check Amazon.com for details. I haven't found any info on the release of Adverbs yet, though.

January 12, 2004 Well, happy new year. I hope you enjoyed the holidays. Film report from Ain't It Cool News today for you. Enjoy!

November 9, 2003 Daniel Handler will be appearing at some charity event in December. Check the new 'articles' page for details.

November 2, 2003 The following was posted on Neil Gaiman's Blog yesterday:
" This blog would like to congratulate Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown for having given birth to... actually, the first round of photos they sent out were of a rubber chicken, but the second round were pretty much definitely a human baby. "
Yay for a new Handler in the world!

October 27, 2003 Casting news on the films site. Over the weekend Quazmo wrote in with info on Book 11:
" The title is The Grim Grotto and the release date is September 9, 2004. Go to this site for proof: Amazon.ca "
Just keep in mind that Canadian release dates can differ from those for other countries.

October 15, 2003 FYI: I have a new e-mail address: extralemony @ yahoo.com. The old lycos address will no longer be checked. Not that it's currently working anyway...

October 13, 2003 There's a new interview with Mr. Handler on the film site.
Just to keep you abreast of The Lemony Site's current situation: I'm giving it an overhaul. It's like spring cleaning, only in autumn. I hope that the changes I'm currently working on will make the site better for all of you visitors, and guard against error pages about a lack of bandwidth. All of the old content you know and love will return. I promise. No specific date on when the overhaul will be done, as giving such things a deadline generally means I'll get it done late or never. Think good thoughts for me, k? K.

October 8, 2003 My e-mail's down again. I don't know when it'll be up. But there's another Liam Aiken interview over at the Film site.

October 7, 2003 SPOILER! Well, kinda. If you wanna figure out The Slippery Slope clue all on your own, don't read any further. But the clue itself won't spoil Book 11 for you. The correct clue gets the following response from the Official Site:
" In the next book in A Series of Unfortunate Events �
" Many individuals have the same initials, which can lead to much injustice. "
" You have been warned.
Which is about as elucidating as "Count Olaf is a greedy arsonist." But then, Snicket clues always make far more sense in hindsight.

September 29, 2003 You fanatics are using too much bandwidth. Therefore, until this excessive bandwidth use ceases (or until someone wants to contribute the monthly fee for more bandwidth), I'm trimming the site. Please don't e-mail me about this situation.
Enjoy The Slippery Slope.

September 25, 2003 FYI: You can get a clue about Book 11 at the Official Site!

September 24, 2003 Two new articles, one on Book 10, the other on the film. The former seems to miss the point about what Mr. Handler does in ASoUE; he takes artistic license with the real world. Even when he does reference something real, he always changes it just a bit to make it 'real' in his fictional world. Maybe I'm just taking that article too seriously.
From the SF Weekly:
" TUES 9/30
" Snicket reads from his latest at 6:30 p.m. at Fort Mason's Golden Gate Room, Building A, Marina & Buchanan, S.F. Admission is $2-7.50; call 931-3633 or visit www.booksinc.net. "

September 23, 2003 Someone on this site's board said that Mr. Snicket will be appearing on U Pick Live on Nickelodeon today. Precise details not yet found. There are a few new articles/interviews available in 'articles' in honor of today's release of The Slippery Slope.

September 22, 2003 Since The Slippery Slope will be released tomorrow, I thought I'd remind you to check out release parties both on this site's message board, and at a bookstore near you. Here's info on one such event in Hudson, Ohio.
As soon as you figure out how to get a clue to book 11, please let me know. Thanks!

September 19, 2003 Argh! The Watertown TAB & Press of Needham, MA reports:
" Read aloud at the North Branch
" The Read-Aloud Crowd will have its first meeting Tuesday, Sept. 23, from 3 to 4 p.m. at the North Branch of the Watertown Free Public Library, 265 Orchard St. Join the crowd for "A Snippet of Snicket," but be warned, if you are interested in stories with happy endings, try another book. That's because the Read-Aloud Crowd will be reading book one of "A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket."
" The meeting is for ages 8 to 12. Registration is required. Call 617-972-6442. "
And don't forget to Talk Like a Pirate today, maties!

September 17, 2003 New articles on both "It was a Dark and Silly Night" and "Adverbs".

September 16, 2003 Please check the films site for exciting casting news!
Also, Janny e-mailed to say that chapter 1 of The Slippery Slope is currently available at bn.com.

September 11, 2003 Someone on the message board mentioned that Borders has a new Lemony Snicket Smoothie! Yum! Tastes like Snicket!
Someone else e-mailed to remind me that I hadn't updated the International Covers section of the gallery in a while, so I updated it. While doing so, I noticed that the German publisher's changed their cover illustrations to images that are more...friendly. The Baudelaires even look happy. Kind of odd. Maybe they thought the titles were frightening enough without the more frightening illustrations they'd used previously. I wonder if the interior illustrations have changed as well? Come to think of it, drawings of locations without people + Germany makes me think of Hitler's art, which is pretty darn scary without big snakes and knives and such.

September 10, 2003 The special edition of The Bad Beginning will be out soon. Info on precisely what's so special about it is available on the Harper Collins site.
Casting news on the 'films' site.
The Ventura County Star reports that Mr. Snicket will be signing on September 25 at Ventura High School. Proceeds from each $5 ticket and a $25 pre-party with Snicket at Adventures for Kids bookstore will go to Save Our Schools. Click the above link for details.

September 8, 2003 First, Jody noticed that Amazon now has a listing for a blank book in association with ASoUE. Makes sense. Second, there's a new film link. Third, since I've been getting far too much spam and virii and such, from now on, if you want to e-mail me, please type "lemon" at the start of the subject line. Fourth, I need some assistance. I've now accepted that I do not have time to properly update The Lemony Site. If you're interested, please e-mail me (with "lemon" at the beginning of the subject line).

September 3, 2003 Happy September! First: my e-mail will be down until the 5th. Second: There's a new fansite on the 'Links' page. Third: Ryan was kind enough to notify me that "if you order the slippery slope off amazon, they give you a copy of capter one for your digital library."

August 25, 2003 There's a new photo in the gallery, from the faboo Mr. Anonymous, and an update to the musings on The Snicket Family Tree.
Oh, and here's my friend, Tessa's, new site that I'm helping her build: Tessa Ambros. Her blog's pretty fun reading.

August 21, 2003 This is totally off-topic, but then, that's life for you!
Legislators in exile: MoveOn.org
More news: Austin American-Statesman

August 19, 2003 Thanks to Aimee Bender's site, I noticed that Mr. Handler will be appearing at Litquake in San Francisco, September 20-21, 2003.

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