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Litigiousness is Bad

     I have done my best to give credit to all of the copyrighted materials contained within this "Lemony Snicket" fansite. All data is posted purely for educational non-commercial informational purposes and not in order to detract from the people who have copyrights and deserve any money one might want to hand over to them for their great works. : )

  • Official Lemony Snicket Site

  • Harper Collins

  • Saticoy Lemon Association


    The following sites were invaluable in the research for this site:

  • Behind the Name
  • Cambridge Dictionary

  • Dictionary of Difficult Words
  • Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Flower Meanings
  • Good Names

  • Information Please
  • Merriam-Webster

  • Moms Online The Baby Namer
  • The NameLocator Search Engine

  • Slang and Colloquialisms of the UK
  • The Vocabulary of Robbie Burns

  • Your Dictionary