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Harper Collins Canada News

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May 7, 2002

National Lemony Snicket Day, Saturday, May 18
Let no one say we didnít try to stop it. Despite our best efforts, innocent children, impressionable teens, and miguided adults will flock to retailers across Canada May 18th to celebrate National Lemony Snicket Day. Yes, theyíll buy copious copies of Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (0060007192 $17.99 cl) and probably other titles in the series. And, yes, itís too late to pull the ad that will run in the Globe and Mail May 11th directing readers to www.harpercanada.com for a list of participating retailers. But you can still make a difference. Simply refrain from contacting your HCC sales rep. on or before May 9th, and none of these ravenous Snicket fans will have reason to visit your store on the fateful day.