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Issue 20

The Newcomers

At this time last year, you might not have heard of any of them. They were laboring in obscurity, scribbling away in their garrets, holed up in makeshift dwellings in Guyana and Patagonia, struggling to eke out the rent in Harlem, in Toronto, in Wales. This year, a few of them might look somewhat familiar—one who wrote about horses; one who honored America's soldiers; one who is changing the way we look at fast food forever; one who is best known for a song she wrote in 1982 with her dad; one who got into a tiff with someone named Oprah. At this time next year, we're betting you will know a whole lot more of them. They are part of a new generation of writers—the new voices of crime, of memoirs, of thrillers, of adventure, of etiquette. They are the newcomers of 2002. And these are their stories.

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